(Crete 1426 B.C.) The world’s greatest nation basks in the glory of its own making, despite the corruption that crawls just below the surface. One young man, a newly initiated priest must carry the weight of the nation upon his shoulders. Love, betrayal, demons and ritual sacrifices now await him.

(Modern-day) Whilst holidaying in Myrtos, Crete, an enthusiastic amateur archaeologist unearths a secret long lost to the world. Together with his newfound friend they embark upon a journey that not only unlocks the past but also their hearts.

3500 years in the making, what links these two men? The answer lies hidden within this powerful, historic and exciting tale, packed full of intrigue and unbridled passion.

David spent 15 years researching the background to The "Prince of Lilies", spending all his holidays walking the hills and ancient sites of Crete.

Published in 2009 Prince of Lilies is possibly the best selling novel on Minoan fiction.

(This is not a book for the fainthearted as David's power of descriptive writing leaves nothing to the imagination!)