Cawry's Story "Raptor Rescue"

Cawry was a young Griffon Vulture who was found in distress near Kastellos, Rethymnon, Crete on the 18th September 2014. This is the true story of his rescue and release by David with help from his friends and his wife Clare.

Written in rhyme, with a wonderful moral for todays children Cawry's Story is beautifully illustrated throughout, with a special YouTube link to original photos and videos of Cawry's time with David and Clare and his final release back into the wild.

Published in 2020 Cawry's Story is receiving rave reviews from children, parents and grand-parents alike.

Ideal to be read to children from three years onwards and then for children to read to themselves later. 

A true story of the rescue of a young Griffon Vulture. Fully illustrated written in rhyme with a modern moral for todays children.

Sunset Chasers

When a young boy asks his Dad "Where does the Sun go to sleep?" He is lost for words. Together they embark on a journey to find the place where the Sun rests his head once it has left the sky.

Written in rhyme with vivid full page illustrations, Sunset Chasers takes your child on a journey of discovery. With animals hidden on every page, your child will enjoy searching the pages to find them all.

Published in 2013 Sunset Chasers has been a hit with children and adults alike.

An ideal bedtime story to read to your child and then later for your child to read to you.

Sunset Chasers follows the adventures of a boy and his Dad as they head West to try and find where the sun goes to sleep at night.

Fully illustrated children's book written in rhyme with a moral for todays children. 

A Dress for Mary

When Mary receives an invitation to the Royal Ball the search begins for that perfect dress. Every year the King proclaims the "Belle of the Ball", will Mary's dress be good enough to win this year's top spot? 

Written in rhyme with delightful amusing illustrations that will keep children looking and adults chuckling, every page there are mice and spiders to find as well as a beautiful moral in the telling.

Published in 2011 A Dress for Mary was an instant hit with parents and children.

Mary has been invited to the Royal Ball and must find the perfect dress for the evening!

Fully illustrated rhyming tale with a moral.

The Fairy Hunter

Join the search for the Leprechauns hiding on the West coast of Ireland, and find advice from an old man who tells you the best way to meet the magical people of legend.

Written in rhyme by David while living in County Clare this is his first adventure into the amazing world of children's books. 

Illustrated by Astrid Adler with her beautiful interpretations of the West coast of Clare where she still lives.

Published in  2009 there are only a few copies of this book available now.

An enchanting tale in rhyme with full colour illustrations of the West Coast of Clare.